Wola Live maps & Friends
Wola is here to spot your friends on a live map privately! Jump in, take what you need and personalise your Wola experience!
Why Wola
Happiness is only real when shared and we sure know it! All you need to do is to come up with a good plan and the rest is on us: share your live location privately between friends and chat to organize the little details πŸŒπŸ’¬
If your plan really rocks, create a LIVE session and share your location with anyone or all your followers so that they can see your coordinates and join you! If it gets too crowded you can turn it off at any moment ;)
Private Wola gives you back the power of your data: everything you share on your maps and chats is encrypted and protected. Only you can manage this personal information. β›”
How does it work?
The moments shared with friends are unique, so in Wola you have a group feature to create all the plans you want and Wola is a private location finder app where you can share your location on a private map to find friends and meet them in the crowd. It comes with a full chat to type and share your stuff. In addition, you can always choose to send your location to anybody outside the app through a web link and publish it on social networks. your location with whoever you choose. Take back the control of your data and use the location sharing features under your own terms.
Why do you need Wola? Take Wola with you to have a dinner in the city, a skiing holiday, a surf trip, a weekend getaway or just at any moment you wish you knew the whereabouts of a friend πŸ“No more "where are yous", we got you covered!
About us?
Wola uses the technology of the world leader in geolocation systems, Wave Location Technologies. Millions of people around the world enjoy their geolocation apps, such as Wave Let's Meet App and Sister.